One, Two, Three, Pandemic Not With Me!

Three Steps to Leave the Pandemic Panic

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There is no knowledge which can justify a planning of society which dismisses individual freedom. Enlightenment remains the way out of self-imposed immaturity into which our society is in danger to run into. (Michael Esfeld)

It would be rational to sort the pandemic into the many dangers and illnesses which exist in the world and in life. (Klaus Püschel)

If you test, test, test,
You’ll find, find, find.

It is very easy to take your soul out of the so-called corona pandemic 2020. Only three steps are necessary.

1 Avoid Panic Media!

Avoid mass and social media because they create panic and denunciation and report individual cases all the time, but deliver no serious information about the overall situation in the public health care system. Case numbers as such don’t do that either.

2 Is There an Unusual Threat to the Public Health Care System? No!

Take a look at the utilization of, for example, the German Helios hospital network, “Herunterladen” (download). We see that throughout total utilization is 20% less than in the previous year. Or ask your doctor if the situation in his or her surgery is unusual for the season. – There is no “killervirus” (Klaus Püschel, until September chief medical examiner in Hamburg) because that would cause an increased number of sick people. There is much “covid-19” but other pathogens are not searched in the same way and a positive test does not indicate that the sickness is due to the virus. (If the government had really feared a threat to the health care system then it would have added capacity during summer. The quickly errected emergency hospitals remained empty all over the world.)

3 Can a Single Virus Cause a Single Illness? No! / “Casedemic”

There are always many viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. that are dangerous for old or sick people but not for healthy people. Testing for a single virus yields no information about the overall danger for an individual and hence the public altogether. If there were 1000 tests one would find all those 1000 case types in some relation depending on season.

Narrowing the public attention to a single test creates a “casedemic” (Video by Ivor Cummins, chief program officer for Irish Heart Disease Awareness). In 2009, the year of the so-called “swine flu”, the medical situation was over in summer, but the “pandemic” continued into the next year because mass testing was started only after the epidemic was over. If you test more and more then, in the virus season, you get more and more positive cases among the healthy, the sick, and the dead. This repeats itself in 2020.

The swine flu pandemic ended when societies stopped being interested in the test cases. You can end your mental pandemic by ignoring test reports.

End of the Pandemic

And if all have ended the pandemic for themselves:

If the people does not perceive a pandemic,
Then the state cannot declare a pandemic,
Because all state power is vested in the people.


In the pandemic a scientism was carried through, the false idea

that there is scientific knowledge which comprehends humans and all aspects of our existence and that society can be planned and designed according to that knowledge.

Against this enlightenment is necessary, in the sense of the way out of self-imposed immaturity into which our society is in danger to run into by an unholy alliance of alledged scienntific evidence and political coercive measures.

(Michael Esfeld, Wissenschaft und Aufklärung in der Corona-Krise (Science and Enlightemnent in the Corona Crisis), Dez. 2020)

Great Barrington Declaration

The normal way to deal with an epidemic is to protect the vulnerable until herd immunity is reached.

As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection. (Great Barrington Declaration, GBD)

The focused protection strategy proposed by the Great Barrington declaration is indeed the standard way that societies have dealt with prior epidemics. Letting people who face very little risk from viral infection (but would suffer from the lockdowns) live their lives normally while taking precautions when they interact with more vulnerable people makes intuitive sense – they are harmed by the lockdowns and lifting the restrictions helps them.  At the same time, better focused protection for the vulnerable is a moral necessity.  Over time, population immunity will build up among the non-vulnerable until the vulnerable will no longer be at high risk of COVID-19 when engaging in normal activities.

Focused protection is based on the risk-based strategies outlined in the many pandemic preparedness plans that different countries had developed during the past decades. Surprisingly, except for Sweden, all countries threw their pandemic plans out the window when this pandemic started.

(FAQ, Great Barrington Declaration)

Herd immunity is not a goal but something that will eventually happen.

Herd immunity is a scientifically proven phenomenon. To ask an epidemiologist if they believe in herd immunity is like asking a physicist if they believe in gravity. Those who deny herd immunity may also wish to join the flat-earth society.

Sooner or later, herd immunity will be reached either through natural infection or through a combination of vaccinations and natural infection.

For COVID-19, all strategies lead to herd immunity, making it nonsensical to denote one specific approach as a herd immunity strategy just as it does not make sense for airplane pilots to talk about a “gravity strategy” for safely landing a plane. The Declaration advocates a strategy that minimizes mortality until herd immunity is reached. That is done by minimizing the number of older high-risk people in the group that get infected while maximizing them among those that are still uninfected when herd immunity arrives.

(FAQ, Great Barrington Declaration)

Focused Protection was implemented in Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis since September. (Directly after a video conference with Prof. Lewitt, Dr. Bhattacharya, both Stanford, and Prof. Kulldorff, Harvard, which is well worth watching to see a competent politician take responsibility for the overall societal situation rather than narrowing it down to a single parameter.) The motto is “Right to Work”: you cannot forbid somebody life and work if there is no danger to that person. As a result, Florida is much better off in all aspects, even in the public health situation, than lockdown New York, with a comparable population (see also Georgia, or North Dakota v. South “Belarus” Dakota).


Sleep Away an Illness. What to do against the danger of contracting a “flu”? “Those who fear the flu (by corona or influenza) should live a good and delightful life, and sleep much.” (Medizinisches Coaching by Helmut Jäger, medical doctor, motion teacher, coach).

One should inform oneself about the so-called “vaccination” very well before taking it – if at all. It was not studied if the vaccination has an effect on the infection spread. If not, the casedemic would not end.

Postscript on Sweden

Dec. 21, 2020. Until summer, Anders Tegnell, the state epidemiologist, said that his only concern was the situation of of the public health care system.

While Sweden’s health data show no particularly bad development since July (see, for example ICU mortality where the April peak is clearly visible but nothing in December), the government has taken away the management of the “pandemic” from the Public Health Service and is now running the country into lockdown. This is apparently driven by media panic due to narrowing the attention to the increasing case count. The country has fallen into casedemic because media panic and government panic feed each for a snowball effect, as Yoram Lass, the former director of the health ministry of Israel, has called it. “In conclusion, the Swedish government has officially lost its mind.” (Sebastian Rushworth, emergency doctor in Stockholm)

The grave operational mistake of Tegnell was not to call off the epidemic in July when the medical situation was over and then call winter a new season with attention only to the health care situation, but instead to start mass testing of the healthy population. This created the social pseudodisease of positive cases and established a continuity of the seasons (“second wave”) which is only due to using the same test.・document 20930 (2020-12-20)・revision 21020 (2021-01-08)・Ulf Martin Mail Telegram